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4/16/06 09:06 pm - go to this.

check hourzero.com for the latest show info!

4/3/06 09:03 pm - the things in life i love the most.

they all make my world go round.

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3/11/06 06:01 pm - one more day.

and me and heather are peacing ourselves on out to santa monica bitches.
i cant wait.

3/5/06 09:09 pm - one more week.

this is gonna be the slowest week of my life.
i cant wait for cali.
its gonna be a grand break from az.

v-e-n-i-c-e- i cant wait. i have wanted to go for so long but some suckkas held me back. but no more. were going. im gonna spend so much money.

and we even get to see tcu before we go which makes it that much more amazing.

2/27/06 07:25 pm - o yeah

im also pretty excited for the mad moves me and heather are bustin out tomorrow at panic! at the disco. be jealous.

2/27/06 07:18 pm - o yes.

this is for heather.
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this is what happens when people make us wait for them.
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2/25/06 06:33 pm - good luck charm lost?

so it was decided that a certain person was both mine and heathers good karma charm. and that we were also his.
we had a fall out like a month and have stopped talking to this person who will remain nameless.
but since we have stopped talking it has affected all three of us.

nothing but bad things have been happening to both heather and i.
nothing too bad but just stuff we decided was cause of bad karma, but neither of us have done anything tooo bad to get what we did.
for instance:
the week after it happend were by far the worst weeks we have both ever had ever in our whole lives.
heather has had bad day on top of bad day.
we got attacked by a scenster on mill who looked like a man.
i tripped and twisted my ankle.
i have gotten pink eye twice.

and then to the other person, me and heather have noticed that he hasnt been doing so well either, they played a show and his voice was just bad. im sure it was cause he was sick or what not but im down for the karma.

dont get me wrong lots of amazing things have happend, but its just the stupid stuff that happens that we decided wouldnt have happened to any of us if we were still talking.

ha how ridiculous do i sound right now?
but i do think its true.

2/9/06 12:35 pm - pink eye anyone??

i got infected by my 4 year olds.


i havent had pink eye since i was a kid.

and lucky me it come on the day i am supposed to go see handcrafted.

but no more

cause i look like i have some sort of social disease.

which technically i do.


1/29/06 07:40 pm - tucson

today i fed some ostriches. and deer. and then i went vintage shopping with some hippies. prettty sweet. i bought some amazing stuff today..
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